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Disability Employment Services:
Employment Connection

Our Disability Employment Service is a 4 star service.
We are in the top 20% in Australia.

Let us help you find and keep a job.

If you want to work for at least 8 hours a week we can help you get a job.

Your ideas

How do you get
the job you want?

We can help

Make a plan

Our service will help you get ready to work and then find a job that suits you.
We also help employers to find people like you who want a job.

We bring people who want a job and employers together.

SkillsConnection has been approved by the government to help people with disabilities find work.

We are government approved.

Employers can get money from the government for giving someone with a disability a job.
We help them to see how good it can be for them to employ someone with a disability.

Employers get money

and good workers.

We can help you learn the things you need to know to get a job.
This might be things like helping you improve your reading and writing or teaching you to do some of the things you will have to do at work.

We help you learn the things you need to know to get a job.

We help you make a plan called an "Employment Pathway Plan".

We help you plan for a job.

An Employment Pathway Plan is a list, made by you and our staff of all the things you need to help you get and keep a job.
It will help you know what you need to learn and do to get the sort of job you want.
You can ask a friend or relative to come along and help with making your plan too.

Our staff help with job applications and interviews.

Our staff can help you to write a résumé, letter of introduction or job application and practice for a job interview.
They can help you to look and behave in the right way to get a job.
They also help workers and their employers in the workplace.
Because they work with many people, they are always looking for the right jobs for people.
The government pays SkillsConnection to provide this service.

Our service doesn't stop when you start work.
We help to make sure that you keep your new job by supporting you when you start work.

We even look after you when you start work.

We check to make sure you are being treated and paid properly.
We help to sort out any problems you have in your new job and organise things you might need to make the job easier for you.

For employers we help to make employing someone with a disability or health problem a good experience.
This may include finding the right person. Helping them get to know the job. Helping them get to know the other workers. Helping the employer make changes to suit the person and helping them get the money from the government.

Using our service to help you find and keep a job.

We can find

all kinds of jobs.

You could even

work for yourself.

Our service helps people with a disability to either get or keep a job in a local business or even to become self employed.
We also have a business called Jiffy Business Services which gives people with a disability jobs.

How to get us to help you:

Call us on 03 5231 2333 or come to our office in Colac at 50 Rae Street to make an appointment and we will explain the other things you need to do.