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Take me on a tour of disability services.

Help me plan my support.

What services can I get with my ISP funding.

I'd like to be more independent.

I want to go out and have fun.

I want to earn an income.

I'd like to attend a day program.

I need help at home.

I need one on one support for an activity.

What support will the government fund for me and how do I apply for funding.

What legal rights do I have as a person with a disability?

How do I complain if I'm not happy with a service or a decision.





























































































































































































































































Disability Services We Provide:
Getting Started

When you have finished looking at the disability services we offer please complete our short survey (10 questions) to let us know if you found what you were looking for and to help us improve this web site for future users. The survey includes an option to request that we contact you by phone to answer any questions you have or to discuss designing a service for you. Click here to start the survey.

Starting from scratch......

“It’s your life tell us what and how you want your service to be!”

Your choices

What do you want?

We can help

Make a plan

The people who will help you with your plan work at Community Connection.

Community Connection  service range includes:

  • NDIS Funded Supports
  • Daily group activities and workshops
  • Work like experiences and study programs
  • One to one support
  • Case Management
  • Flexible respite
  • In Home support
  • Individual Support Packages [ISP]
  • Remote Service Delivery
  • Fee For Service [FFS]

We will talk with you and make a service plan that is just right for you.
We provide services to people of all abilities and ages.

Your choices

We talk with you

Your plan

Your service

Your service can be in a group or just for you.

Join a group or

just you

All Community Connection’s services help people to learn new skills, make their own choices and stand up for their rights.

You can choose

You can learn

You have rights

This helps people to do the things they want to do, to feel good about themselves and to feel respected and valued so that they will be happy.
It helps them to improve their lives and enjoy being part of their community more.

You should be happy

You deserve respect

You are important

You are part of the community

Community Connection also helps people who have difficulty with their behaviour or need special kinds of help to take part in everyday life. 
We create special programs for each person by helping them choose from all the different things they can do at our service or in the community.

All Community Connections programs and services try to help you learn and enjoy things like:

Social skills

Feeling valued

Thinking for yourself

Working together

Being fit

Feeling happy

Having your say

Knowing the rules

Respect and trust

Your abilities

Speaking up and
listening to others

Your community

Looking after your health

Your rights

Having friends


We have a few different services that can run a program for you....

  • Studio 92
  • Enterprise Connection
  • Food-A-Roma
  • Life Connection
  • Community Inclusion

This is where they are:

SkillsConnection Pound Road

96 Pound Road, Colac.

A large house with nice big gardens that is near the
library and the pool.
It has two big sheds that we use for some of the programs
and wheelchairs can get in to all the rooms easily .

Studio 92, 90 Murray Street, Colac.

This is our art gallery and studio where you can paint pictures and make things to sell or take home.
Customers come into the gallery to buy things and if they buy something you made you get some money for making it.

Out and About

Lots of our programs include going out on a bus and visiting different places to do some work or have a picnic.
Sometime we go for a walk to keep fit or to the pool for a swim.
We play sports, go to the beach or to a cafe for some lunch or
just a cup of coffee.

This is a list of the sort of things you can do or learn about in our programs

Sports & movement

    • Lawn bowls
    • Ten pin bowling
    • Bush walking
    • Basketball
    • Cricket
    • Bocce
    • Golf
    • Football
    • Swimming
    • Athletics
    • Gym
    • Gentle stretches

    Living & life skills

    • Improve your self image
    • Learn independent living skills
    • Learn about healthy eating
    • Learn about handling food

    Community activities

    • Join in with special community projects
    • Join in with local festivals
    • Do some community singing
    • Go to a disco
    • Go to local markets selling things we make in the programs
    • Work-like programs

    Community volunteer work

    • Look after Colac’s mosaic park
    • Help out at the Colac Driver Reviver with other community groups
    • Meals on Wheels
    • Look after the garden at a local nursing home

Life Connection
Life Connection programs include the sort of things you might enjoy doing at home.
We encourage you to try new activities and help you choose what you would like to try.
We help you try new things and we try to make it fun for everybody.

  • Discovering new smells and things to feel
  • Cooking and new tastes
  • Massage and relaxation
  • Relax and chill out
  • Watching new sports
  • How to do things for yourself at home
  • Getting out and about in the community

We don't force you to do anything, you choose to have a go if you want to.

Enterprise Connection

Enterprise Connection
Enterprise connection programs are like working or learning things you might do at work. Sometimes we make things to sell at markets or through our businesses.
The money we make is used to buy more tools and materials for the program.
There are three different parts to this program:

Tree Connection
Tree Connection is the part where we grow plants and learn about gardening.
We learn about seeds and growing Australian trees and other local plants.
We learn how to use garden tools safely and how to look after them properly.
Tree Connection takes care of the gardens at our house in Pound Road.
They have a herb garden and a vegie patch as well as lots of other different plants.

Recycling Connection
Recycling Connection gets people out in the community doing something useful by collecting cardboard and paper for recycling .
Taking part in this program teaches people how to handle money, road safety and helps them get to know their local community.  They also learn about looking after their health and safety at work.

Contract Connection
Contract Connection is another program that is like working. Sometimes we deliver phone books and catalogues or get things ready to be delivered by putting them into the envelopes or packets they will be delivered in.

Some of the other things we do at Enterprise Connection are:

  • Making things from wood
  • Mosaics and pottery

Studio 92
Studio 92 is our art gallery and studio where we paint and draw and make things out of all sorts of different materials.
Studio 92’s staff love to help people create their own art and we all have a lot of fun doing it.
The staff all have different things that they are good at and they are happy to teach other people how to do these things.
They will help you to do better paintings and drawings or teach you a new way of making things if you like.
Sometimes we all go out to a different gallery to have a look at someone else's art or take part in a festival or art show somewhere.
We help people to learn about other things as well as art such as:

  • Being polite and friendly
  • Being safe and sensible
  • Thinking for yourself
  • Team work
  • Respect and trust
  • Being part of the community
  • Making responsible decisions
  • Being understood
  • Behaving well and being valued
  • Looking after yourself

Studio 92 is open 5 days a week running programs about art:

The programs offer people the chance to try different types of art, including painting, sculpture, drawing, mosaic, photography and print making.
Artists are encouraged to try their own ways of making art, including making the frames and canvases through to finished artworks. Their art can then be shown and sold in the gallery.

Community Inclusion

Retirement Connection
Retirement Connection programs are for older people with disabilities who don't want to go to programs all day or every day anymore.
We try to give people the choice of more relaxing things to do.
We spend more time on things like going out to visit other community groups for older people and making friends.
As part of the program we also do a little art and craft.
We listen to music and do some gentle exercise classes at a private retirement centre.

Count us in program

In 2007 we started this program for older Victorians who live in nursing homes.  Retirement Connection tries to improve the lives of older people by helping them to be active and enjoy themselves instead of just worrying about their health problems.
This program aims to:

  • Help people be active and healthy for as long as possible.
  • Encourage the community to see older people as useful and important.
  • Give older people the chance to enjoy being part of the community.

Community Connection also provides a range of other services to people with a disability.
These services include:

  • Individual support
  • In-home respite
  • Fee-for-service (FFS)
  • Group activities
  • Case management

Individual support (This is where you have staff who just look after you and no one else)
Our expert staff will try to help people to do the things they want to do, no matter what their disability is.
To get the funding for individual support you have to be assessed.  Once you have been assessed we make a plan of how and when we will work with you.
We already do a lot of one-to-one support helping people with sports and going to classes as well as other things in the community
Individual support is supposed to help you do the things you want to do and take part in the community so that you can:

  • Be more independent
  • Have more choice about what you do in your life
  • Find out what things you want to do and what help you need to do those things
  • Try different ways of being helped to do things
  • Find ways to make life better for the other people who help or look after you

In-home respite
Community Connection’s in-home services help people with a disability to remain living at home with their families.
When someone asks for in – home respite, they are assessed to see if they need it.
We make a plan with the person and their family about what will be needed to help them.
When everyone agrees on the plan, we put it into action and start helping them.

Fee for service (FFS)
Community Connection’s fee-for-service support is for helping people who can't get the Department of Human Services to pay for us to help them do what they want to do.
We talk about what you want to do and make sure that you can afford to get the help you have chosen without any problems.

Community Connection’s staff are experts and love to help people. We all have certificates in disability work and lots of experience of working with people who have a disability.
Our staff also have lots of experience in other jobs, sports and activities that they take part in outside of their disability work so we have plenty of good skills and fresh ideas.

Service area & transport options
SkillsConnection Bus
SkillsConnection’s helps people from all over the Colac, Otway area, from Geelong to Camperdown and along the coast.
There are several transport options for getting to our programs:
  • Busses and trains
  • SkillsConnection busses
  • Taxis and wheelchair taxis
  • Getting someone to drive you


Links to information on other web sites

It's OK to complain!
What if you are unhappy with the way someone treats you, a service you receive or a decision someone makes that effects you?
Talk to the service provider first and try to work things out but if you can't achieve a satisfactory outcome you can ask for help to resolve the situation from the Disability Services Commissioner.
This link will take you to their web site: Disability Services Commissioner


Help from the government and your rights
Below are some links to pages on other web sites that will help you to understand your legal rights, the various forms of assistance that the government provides for people with a disability and how to apply for funding.

National Disability Insurance Scheme. Information on the new NDIS scheme:

Department of Human Services. General information for people with a disability:

Department of Human Services. Information on Individual Support Packages:

Department of Human Services. Information on help living at home:

Department of Human Services. Information on Respite Support:

Department of Human Services. Information on support to help you participate in the community:

Department of Human Services. Information on post school options for young people with a disability:

Department of Human Services. Information on the Futures for young adults program:

Department of Human Services. Information on the legal rights of people with a disability:

Disability Services Commissioner. Information and assistance with complaints about a service provider

Victorian Equal Opportunities & Human Rights Commission. Equal Opportunities & Human Rights info

VALID. State wide organisation providing advocacy for people with a disability

Find our Pound Rd. facility on the map: