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The NDIS and SkillsConnection

For many of our existing clients the NDIS will replace funding they already received from the Department of Human Services but for some people with disabilities it will be the first time they have received funding of any kind.
The NDIS funding is designed to cover supports to assist people in their daily life or to provide the services they need to access the community or develop skills that will increase their independence and add to the quality of their lives.

SkillsConnection is a registered NDIS provider and we are here to help you negotiate the process of checking your eligibility for NDIS funding, identifying the supports you need, planning for how you would like those supports to be provided and contracting the right people to deliver them.

The NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) is the "shop front" for the NDIS and, once you have completed the Access Request Form and been approved for NDIS funding, you will need to have a planning meeting with one of their staff.

We are happy to spend time with you before you meet with your NDIA planner to discuss what supports you should ask for and how you can specify the ways you would like to receive your support. We won't be trying to "hard sell" you on the services we offer and we will be happy to recommend other devices if we think they would be more appropriate for you or better at providing the type of supports you need.

We are a not for profit community development organisation so our focus is on helping you to achieve the best possible outcomes relative to your needs and desires. If we don't already have the type of supports you want, we will work with you to design a service to meet your needs or help you in any way we can to find one that does. This can include sourcing and supporting you to negotiate with other service providers.

We provide service over a 24 hour period, 7 days per week including a range of Day Activities and Community Access programs, One to One and In Home Support services including Active Night Duty.
Your support can assist you to:

  • Live at home
  • Access the community
  • Engage in social activities
  • Go on outings
  • Develop new skills
  • Maintain existing skills and abilities
  • Develop and maintain networks
  • Attend appointments
  • Join in with group activities

Talk to us about the support you need and we will design a program in which you choose the hours, staff and process through which the support is delivered.
Some of the options we can offer you include:

  • Staff to support you in your home
  • One to one support in the community
  • Support to join a group in the community
  • Programs and activities at our facilities
  • Sports and recreation facility access
  • Support to access events and special occasions
  • Support to access and use I.T. and communication tools
  • Creative arts and crafts workshops


All our clients are supported and by highly experienced staff with training and qualifications in supporting people who have a disability.

Our offices are located in Colac so that our management is easily accessible and our "open door" policy encourages direct and honest communication so that we build strong co-operative relationships with our clients, their families and carers.

Call us on 03 52 312 333 to discuss your NDIS support needs and options.

The following links will take you to some useful sources of information on the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the process for accessing NDIS funded supports.

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