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Studio 92:
Art Gallery and Community Arts Space.

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Make Our Gallery your Gallery:

Studio 92 showcases a diverse range of works by local artists including graphic art, sculpture, textiles, glass, pottery and jewellery pieces.
The concept of Studio 92 is that it provides the participants in our disability arts programs with an opportunity to display and sell their work along side work from artists in the wider community.
The gallery charges an unusually low commission on sales and all work is priced by the artists with advice available to anyone who is not confident in valuing their pieces.
We are always keen to hear from artists of all abilities outside our
program who wish to exhibit their work or even stage a solo exhibition
in our gallery.

Our facility is currently under development with a new building planned at the rear of the gallery.
Once this is complete we will be offering classes and courses to the public and making the space and equipment available for hire outside of our disability program hours.
This will give local artists and groups the opportunity to access our custom designed studio for passing their skills on to others or simply for indulging their own creativity in an ideal setting.

Find Studio 92 on the map: