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COVID-19 / Coronavirus – Update 4

COVID-19 / Coronavirus – Update 4

25th March 2020

Safety is our first concern, and it is a balancing act between our obligations to meet the agreed needs of our Participants, our staff, the need to stop the spread of COVID-19 and legal requirements

It's a balancing act.

Our overall objective with regards to the coronavirus attack is to continue to deliver agreed services to Participants while abiding by the requirements of (1) the Department of Health & Human Services and (2) the NDIS Commission.

However, you will now be aware that there are constraints as there have been many changes occurring to work practices as a result of the coronavirus.  One of these is “Social Distancing” which specifies keeping 1.5 meters between you and other people or 1 person for every 4 square meters.  This means that it is necessary to enforce the rule onsite to ensure a safe physical distance between people.

Some participants are cancelling services which makes reducing the numbers of people in buses easier.  Time on buses needs to be kept to a minimum due to the closed environment.

And once again, yes, I sound like a stuck record, but it is absolutely critical!!! I want you sleeping, eating, dreaming and living  workplace hygiene (sanitised buses), hand hygiene (wash your hands) and respiratory hygiene (sneeze / cough into a tissue which must be discarded).  SkillsConnection cannot wash your hands for you.  We cannot hold the tissue while you sneeze.  We cannot clean your bus every time you need to drive it. For your own safety, you must take on these responsibilities yourself in your daily lives 24×7, not just your daily work life.

DHHS Update - 25-3-20

Wash Your Hands

Safety First - Hand Hygiene; Respiratory Hygiene; Workplace Hygiene; Keep your distance between yourself and others

Keep Your Distance

Wash your hands