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COVID-19 / Coronavirus – Update 3

COVID-19 / Coronavirus – Update 3

23rd March 2020

While there will be changes, day programs will remain open

Day Programs will not be closing as at 23-Mar-2020

Day programs WILL NOT BE CLOSED at this stage.  This is the decision made today by the management team in conjunction with other providers in Colac.  We will be making an effort to keep as many programs open as possible.  Obviously this may need to change depending on circumstances which are changing on a daily basis as a result of the State of Emergency.  Some changes may need to be made to ensure risk is minimised. E.g. no programs outside of Colac (unless you have prior approval from Management). As this is a rapidly moving event, changes to these plans, including closure, may have to be looked at in the future. However, we will strive to keep as many shifts going as  possible.

With regards to home care, we will be consolidating teams who look after high needs participants. i.e. reduce the number of workers that look after a high needs participant.  This will reduce the probability of cross infection .  If you are interested in becoming part of a high risk team, please leave your name with Kurstyn at reception on 5231 2333.

Obviously, if participants choose to social distance themselves, we will adhere to their wishes or we may offer to conduct non face to face supports for them. This may also have an impact on day program numbers, but on the other hand, we are also being requested for more assistance by other participants.

At this point in time, we must learn as much as we can about this virus.  On that note, there is a 20 minute course you can complete and get a certificate for. This course will give you a comprehensive understanding of Covid-19. The link for this training is:-

http://covid-19training.com.au/login.php  Certificates can be forwarded to reception for recording and filing in your personnel file.

There is also a humorous and informative video on YouTube with regards to hand hygiene:-


Remember to hand sanitise at the fuel bowser when filling up with fuel.

As stated previously with regards to Casual Workers, SkillsConnection will follow Fair Work rules and regulations.


Due to the impact restrictions in many workplaces, the Department of Social Services have made changes and additions to their processes and payments.  There are far too many to mention but here is the link if you would like to research this further:


Last but not least, we reiterate the absolute critical importance of all support workers being hypervigilant with regards workplace hygiene, hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene to reduce the probability of infection.   All support workers must carry a supply of disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer for use on self and vehicles that are used to transport participants.  We are also endeavouring to get a supply, but as you can imagine, it is in very short supply.  If there is no hand sanitiser available, please enter the participant’s home after identifying yourself and go directly to the bathroom and wash your hands.  If there is no liquid soap or paper towel, please advise Kurstyn at reception.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Stay safe and sanitised.

Frans Hillege

Quality and Safety Manager