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Studio 92 Creativity

Studio 92 Creativity

26th November 2020

Melissa Bath

Melissa is an extremely creative individual who loves being engaged on every level whether that be through her painting and drawing or through expressing herself through the Studio’s performance art program.

Melissa’s art practice is inspired by all things fashion and romance. She has a deep love of romance movies such as Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones Diary and TV shows like Sex and the City.

Melissa won genU’s artX prixe of $500.00 in 2019 which Studio 92 travelled to Warrnambool to attend.

An Extremely Creative Individual

Robin has her own distinctive artistic style

Robyn McPhee

Robyn is focused artist that gleans a lot of social and artistic benefit from attending Studio 92’s art programs.

She has her own distinctive artistic style which she likes to re-work over and over again and takes great pride in seeing her art work hanging and jewellery displayed in the gallery.

Robyn participates in the studio’s recently revamped jewellery program which involves the artists in every stage of the jewellery making process from rolling the beads out, to painting and decorating them through to stringing them together.

She has a deep sense of belonging and gains a lot of benefit not only from her artistic practice but through being part of a dynamic environment that allows her to explore her creative potential.