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COVID-19 Update – 25-Jun-2020

COVID-19 Update – 25-Jun-2020

25th June 2020

Colac has fared extremely well so far during the COVID-19 outbreak

If you have any of the symptoms (Fever Chills or sweats, Cough, Sore throat, Shortness of breath, Runny nose, Loss of sense of smell or taste) however mild, you should seek advice and get tested.

Message to All Staff.

It has been while since we have sent out a communication about COVID-19.

Thanks to all of us and Colac residents, Colac has fared extremely well so far during the COVID-19 outbreak which is an great outcome.

The fact that there have been new cluster outbreaks around Melbourne is a clear reminder to us all that the COVID-19 journey is not yet over.   As we work with our participant’s, our vigilance and adherence to the principles of (1) hand hygiene, (2) respiratory hygiene and (3) social distancing must continue, as well as the maintaining the hygiene in our facilities, SkillsConnection buses and vehicles as well as personal vehicles.

We still have sufficient stock of soap, hand sanitizer, masks and wipes to ensure that we can follow the right processes to keep ourselves and our participants safe.

If you need anything at all to ensure the safety of yourself or our participants, please let Kurstyn know.  Kurstyn will ensure that you get what you need.

Thank you for your continued support.


Management Team

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