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Talk with us about the disability support services you need from our highly experienced staff.  We provide service over a 24 hour period, 7 days per week including a range of Day Activities and Community Access programs and will design a program in which you choose the hours, staff and process through which support is delivered.  We can assist you with:-

  • Support you in your home
  • One to one support in the community giving you access to the community
  • Facility and sensory based programs at Pound Road and Zen House
  • Supporting you to join a social activity group in the community
  • Going on outings including events and special occasions
  • Programs and activities at our facilities
  • Sports and recreation facility access
  • Developing new skills
  • Maintaining existing skills and abilities
  • Access to and use of I.C.T. communication tools
  • Creative arts and crafts workshops
  • Developing and maintain networks
  • Attending appointments
  • Assisted Disability Employment (A.D.E.)

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If you are funded by the NDIS and need help, you can contact us

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